Our vision is that the environmental benefits of the money we spend is as visible, easy to understand and important as price. 

We're going to provide one million shoppers with the Packaging Star by December 2020 so that:

  • Brands and retailers improve customer experience

  • Shoppers make decisions aligned with their environmental concerns

  • The whole packaging system works together to close the loop

  • Governments achieve policy objectives more quickly.

The fundamentals for Crunch & Flourish are that:

  • Environmental degradation is ongoing

  • Society has tried hard for 40+ years

  • Business, consumers and government want to do more but it's too hard.

Whanonga pono / Values


We work hard to understand our customers and stakeholders.


We enjoy working together and growing a business with purpose.


It is the courage to cut new trails and to continue that counts.

Ngākau aroha

We are compassionate to each other and to people of all backgrounds.


We are confident in our abilities. We cannot lose or win, only learn.

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