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Empowering you to improve plastic packaging

Help bring the Packaging Star to online grocery shopping

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The Packaging Star

Keep packaging in the economy

and out of the environment.

The Packaging Star describes how the packaging that you buy closes the materials loop. The higher the star, the more likely that the packaging will stay in high value use in the economy and out of the environment.

The Packaging Star is a digital label. It's not printed onto packaging like normal labels but shown below product images when you're shopping online.

We make Packaging Stars for retailers who display them online. The Packaging Star is not available yet but we're in early positive discussions with retailers. Your support on Instagram or in the form below will help us get there.

Because it's digital, the Packaging Star is tunable

Different locations recycle packaging differently - so we tune the Packaging Star to where you live. 

Recycled Content

The Packaging Star let's you know which packaging is made from recycled materials.

High Value

The Packaging Star tells you  which packaging can be separated and has higher value.

Committed Brands

The Packaging Star describes which brands are committed to improve their packaging.


You want to improve customers' online experience.
Now you can provide packaging information that shoppers love. 


You want to do the right thing for the environment.
Now you can showcase products and demonstrate improvement over time.


You want readers to improve the environment through everyday decisions.
Check out The Spinoff article, role of Crunch & Flourish, what others say.

Crunch & Flourish

Everyday decisions to replenish the Earth

We are a technology business that helps online grocery shoppers make decisions aligned with their environmental concerns. This increases retailers’ online revenue by improving customer experience and growing omni-channel customers.

 Our use of machine learning, data analytics and image processing means that we can automate and scale the Packaging Star as well as our other services across products, retailers and geographies. 

Our whanonga pono (values) are Aroā, Harikoa, Kaha, Ngākau aroha and Whakamanawa.


Shoppers love the Packaging Star

Online shoppers who have tested the Packaging Star say it helps them to:


Make quick informed decisions

Encourage brands to improve

Cut through the greenwash

Discover new brands

Switch products

"The Packaging Star really helps me understand product packaging and make better choices that improve the environment."

Hilary, Tauranga

"The Packaging Star is great, it empowers me to improve plastic packaging. I’ll need to switch supermarkets."

"The Packaging Star cuts through the green wash and gives me a tool to move in the right direction."

Greta, Auckland

Ella, Auckland


We're in early positive discussions with retailers

Bring the Packaging Star to online grocery shopping

Your support on Instagram, Facebook or the form will help us get there.

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